1. At the pharmacy drive-thru, WalMart in Avalon, the person at the window and the Pharmacist spent several minutes confirming that a prescription that we thought had been called in by the doctor’s office had not been called in. They checked and double-checked to insure top knotch customer service.

2. Cashiers at Trader Joes in Winter Park, although crazy busy, have time to interact as fellow human beings. They’ll even offer personal observations about products, both good and not-so-good. Even when customers are having bad hair days, or are just in poopy moods for no apparent nor good reasons, friendliness is a good service tool. I think that genuine friendliness is universally contagious.

3. We were having a late lunch at Dexters in Winter Park and all three of us wanted the same light item…from the kids menu. Without hesitation or discussion, Cameron I believe her name was, our server took the order and gave us the kiddee plate prices. In my experience, you can’t teach that level of service. Some people really, really, want to please customers, not just show up, put in the hours and get the money

4. To the guy at the business card and sign shop, with the neon green cargo van out front, at the corner of 436 and 17-92 who made the vinyl sign letters larger after they were cut and looked too small for the application, I say “thank you for not charging me for the smaller letters even though I gave you the measurements.” He lost a dollar’s worth of vinyl, but gained a satisfied customer that will come back again and again.

5. To the guy in the wheelchair that was sitting in the middle of the drive aisle in front of the store in number 4 above: “Sitting in a wheelchair in the middle of the road checking your phone messages is dumb. Quickly wheeling your chair over to and approaching someone for money who just veered into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid running over you, is even dumber.”

How you describe what’s in the following photo says a lot about you as a person. What do you see?
A. Junk
B. Art
C. History
D. Hot Rod Material
E. ?

6. To the one-man-band at the popular island restaurant near Waterford Lakes: “Hey, late on a Sunday night, if nobody interacts, take a hint, read your crowd. Couples sitting too close for paper to be passed between their bodies, missing their mouths with every other bite of food because their eyes were locked on each other, may not want to play a game for a free drink. They may want to take full advantage of those fleeting few weekend minutes left to them before kids, jobs and reality become their full focus Monday morning. And, nobody likes being called out while they are having a quiet dinner. Did you even notice that the guy who won the drink only said the name of the song because you used the power of your microphone to embarass him?”

7. To the Regal Cinema clean up crew who waited until we scoured all of the post-movie credits trying to answer a question about a song or a singer in the movie: “Thanks for waiting on us before invading the theatre with brooms, bags and dustpans. We appreciate the consideration.”

8. Can anyone tell me why road construction crews are not more tightly regulated regarding aiming work lights at night and blinding drivers? Most municipalities have very strict rules about permanent lighting vis-a-vis neighboring properties and drivers, but temporary construction lighting seems to be unregulated.

9. A few locations, three words-Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ!

10. At the Irish Pub on Fairbanks Avenue just for the music, the band did not show up. Andrew(?), the server looked online for nearby music venues to recommend. He and Cameron (from # 3 above) know something about SERVICE. Thank you.

11. Irene, of the famous Dave-n-Irene duo from South Florida, knows something about getting the Service that she wants. It seems to be a melange of spirituality, worldliness and bravado stirred with intensity, delivered with steeley eyes. Grown men pee themselves under her scrutiny. I would nominate her for John Kerry’s current job. Hamas and Israel are no match for her.