About T.J. Flynn

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T.J. Flynn was born and raised in Orlando and has used Central Florida as his base for performing construction and real estate services in over 30 states over the past 30 years. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Valencia Community College and B.S. Degrees in Sociology and Business Administration from Cumberland College.

He has held State Licenses as a Building Contractor, Building Inspector, Real Estate Broker, Home Inspector and Continuing Education Provider for the F.C.I.L.B. His list of certifications from national associations and organizations is extensive and impressive.

T.J. has written the following books; “Letters From Vietnam, The Ones I Should Have Written”, “Putting Up Restaurants”, “A Guide To Basic Project Management”, and co-wrote a book of poetry.

Currently, T.J. writes this blog, and performs commercial building inspections in Central Florida and project management for a select group of restaurant and retail owners/operators.

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