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Hockey Pucks and Pickup Trucks

Posted January 18, 2018 By tjflynn

Can you tell anything about your neighbor by the car or truck that he / she drives? Maybe. Maybe not. With a basic F150 running 30K, and the stuck-up-Hockey-Puck’s Honda 19K, one definitely knows that the pickup driver spent more money and/or credit to get from Point A to Point B.

I was looking online for a rental house or condo to purchase the other night and came across several that clearly advertise that no pickup trucks are allowed. WTF? I thought that we stopped that kind of discrimination with the Fair Housing Act of 1968. This Cracker believes that pickup truck discrimination is mere garden variety discrimination and keeping pickups out of complexes and subdivisions is another illegal way to keep good folks out of neighborhoods filled with Hockey Pucks.

Stop it now. You know that I would not even want to live in a place where I had to leave my truck outside the gates and hoof it to the house. I wouldn’t even want one of these places for a rental. Can you imagine buying a car just to get new paint, carpet and appliances to a rental? Phooey.

There must be some sort of Papal dispensation that service providers get from the Head Puck at these places. I imagine that the poor HVAC repairman has to call Mr. Puck to meet him at the gate for a review of the condition of his vehicle. If it passes the inspection, it’s allowed to go in the back gate under the cloak of darkness so as not to alarm any of the self-absorbed pucks hiding behind closed doors and plastic slat blinds next door to their ghostly doppelgangers.

I proudly choose to drive a pick up truck. Any Hockey Pucks reading this, living in a pickup free zone, are welcome to look down on me from your high horses, and deal with your own bigotry as best you can.