I wrote the following 250-word rant this morning and thought that my system had been purged of Little Johnny. But it is not. There is more.

Are our courts so hard up for candidates that we must put up with the kind of behavior, from a sitting judge in his own courtroom, that one would expect from an adolescent in a locker room?

Picking a fight, with an attorney is something far more sordid than the State of Florida’s Code of Judicial Conduct advocates. A quick scan of this document and Judge Murphy’s actions calls into question Canon 1, Canon 2.A, Canon 3.B(4) and Canon 4.A(1 thru 6). Is he promoting an honorable judiciary, or should he be wearing a bulbous red nose and bright orange wig?

Somebody said: “No big deal, Johnny. Take a week off with pay. Write some answers in an anger management workbook. Tell the media that you are sorry. Come back to work in a different courtroom. Citizens won’t notice or care”

I’ve sat in jury boxes and in the seat of the accused and literally tremble at the thought of having this person in charge of anyone’s justice. Through any “reasoned and reasonable” application of the Code of Judicial Conduct, Murphy should not have the honor of being called a Judge nor should he have the responsibilities of a Judge.

It seems reasonable to me that Judge Murphy should hold himself in contempt of his own court and bear the maximum penalty for that crime, then resign and get in better shape for a career in the boxing ring.

I can’t believe it, but there are those with experience in courts, that would support the judge’s actions. Poppycock! Rubbish! Balderdash!

Because there is a natural antagonism between attorneys and judges, and some attorneys are asses, it’s okay if a judge has a bad day and punches an attorney just outside of his courtroom, while people inside are listening? Then he potentially goes back into the courtroom, brags about his bravado and sends someone to jail or causes someone to pay a fine for doing much less? No!
So, it’s okay if a police officer has a bad day and shoots someone with his gun?
And, it’s okay if a teacher has a bad day and inappropriately touches a student?
And, it’s okay if a surgeon has a bad day and cuts off the wrong limb?
And, it’s okay if a squad of soldiers has a bad day and wipes out a village?
No. No.

Some people are held to higher standards and do not get the chance to have bad days or make egregious mistakes in their jobs without severe consequences. Judges are included. They are not playing baseball where they get 3 strikes before they are out. This one could not be trusted to be civil with a bat in his hand.

Can Johnny expect and enjoy judicial immunity for his pugilism? I hope not.

There is nothing honorable about this judge or he would remove himself. There is nothing honorable about leaving him on the bench. He has made a mockery of the very system that he represents and works in. He cannot dispense justice in any manner that he sees fit. He is not above the law. If he is not removed from the bench concerned citizens should be ashamed of themselves for not speaking up and demanding it.

In the United States of America, justice is meted out by learned and honorable men who are above reproach. Unless you are in Brevard County, Florida where you are liable to be punched in the head by the judge if he doesn’t like what you have to say. No. No. No.

My custom, in this Blog, is to restate the main point at the end. Here ya go.

Nobody can successfully argue to me that this judge’s acts were not contemptible. He is not above the law.
Therefore, he must be held in contempt, and pay the piper, just like anyone else would.
I certainly hold him in contempt. And hope that you do too.

If I were 10 years younger, I’d offer to go in the hallway with him and teach him a lesson.
If he asked me, I’d go with him today, and bet all the money in my IRA that he’d be smarter when I left.
You see, friends, readers and fellow Central Florida Natives…I am not a judge and my personal standards can be lower.