Griffin Industries renews my faith in service

Following up on my recent bad experience with an online company and the Griffin Survivor iPhone 4s case arriving damaged and without the belt clip, I set about to find a clip. What I found looked to be of dubious quality, not original and probably not worth the price of shipping.

So, I decided to use my friend Jeff Bass’ approach and buy at full retail. This seems to work for him.

During my thought process I remembered what I’d heard Jim Rohn say on a motivational recording, “things are not priced too high, you just don’t have enough money to buy them.” Mr. Rohn was making the point that the only way to get a raise is to make yourself more valuable to your employer. When you’re more important to your employer, you make more money, and those things that you thought were overpriced are now more affordable.

I went directly to Griffin, chose the orange soft stuff, the green hard stuff and the black belt clip. No kidding…those are sort of my company colors except the black clip which was limited by what might look okay with the blue case I bought from the brigands. During checkout, I was surprised to get a 15% off coupon for new online purchasers. There was serious hesitation on my part to take advantage of this discount given Jeff and Jim’s advice. Saving the 7 and a half bucks won me over, though and I scarfed up the discount like it was food in Tebow’s bowl. Tebow is my grandchildren’s “rescue hound” that is at a clumsy age where his legs and tail just won’t go where he aims them, and his only speed is “breakneck”.

The rest of my story continues with the sound track from Polyanna playing softly in the background on sunny-but-not-too-hot days until my Survivor Case arrived A DAY EARLY in perfect condition. As I opened the well-insulated box to find the object of my obsession lying there begging to be loved, I heard at least 3 different birds singing and two squirrels squeaking the sounds of joyous and playful squirrel laughter.

It’s funny how I value the orange-green pearl caressing and protecting the phone on my hip much more than I did the scruffy blue one that I had to shove in an undersized pocket or carry in my hand. Judging from the differences in the plastic cases, I now believe the first one was a knock off. A knock off, damaged, incomplete, arriving in a manilla envelope. Sputtooie on cheapies!

I’m going to InterNACHI’s website to take a continuing education course in the hopes of becoming more valuable so I can always afford to buy at full retail. Thank’s for the example, Jeff.

I’m playing with homonyms or homophones or something like that-trying to make a connection with the “N”s at the end of Griffin and Flynn. I think it’s going to take a little while to harden into something that I can write about. In the meanwhile, Griffin Industries get’s a proper USMC salute and tip of the ball cap for promising LESS than they provided. That kind of service gives me goosebumps.

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