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I Think Its Good-But The Fat Lady Hasn’t Finished Her Song

Not meaning to brag-but my frequent readers are in the top 10% of the smartest, best looking and most intuitive hominids in the U.S. Between the Title and the following two words, they will understand this post. Postcard Mania. Thank you, and as my friend Sam used to say on TV, “tires ain’t pretty”.

Griffin Industries renews my faith in service

Following up on my recent bad experience with an online company and the Griffin Survivor iPhone 4s case arriving damaged and without the belt clip, I set about to find a clip. What I found looked to be of dubious quality, not original and probably not worth the price of shipping. So, I decided to […]

One bank with good service.

When my daughter and her family lived in Clearwater and I lived in Kentucky (but did most of my work in Florida), I opened banking accounts with let’s call them Bank X. I had accounts with a Kentucky bank, but spending over half of my time in Florida made it necessary to bank in both […]

Daddy’s Lesson One

My dad was not a well-educated man, but his common sense was extraordinary. With a 9th grade education, he raised 5 children of his own and some of my mom’s brothers and sisters as well. He had a few principles that he never deviated from. One of those principles was: “Do it right the first […]