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Petty Tyrants and Service

Several weeks ago, I contacted a local consultant to establish a relationship where I would recommend his company during the normal course of my inspections business. We connected well, his company was a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and I was very comfortable when the time came to say, “I can coordinate the […]

Changing horses in the middle of the stream

I had a job that, in retrospect, was outrageously wild-in every possible way. The permitting for this particular project was intense. We had site plan review after site plan review. The elevations were changed, at the city’s insistence, because the colors did not add up to the right brightness number (or something silly like that). […]

Is there any room for personal consideration in a project schedule?

Have you ever noticed that some projects flow smooth as warm butter-and some you need to drag along? I’ve had my share of both types of projects. Further, I have not yet found the magic way to start or the secret incantation to use to produce smooth projects every time. The photo is of a […]