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After giving in to the sirene song of a particular group of aliens in Sanford, and then driving my Jeep for a few months, the idiot light, a gently annoying orange thing right in normal line of sight, yelled at me. It was time for the dreaded Service. Under normal circumstances I would have taken […]

Ronald McDonald Would Have A Frowny Face

I’ve done it dozens, if not hundreds, of times-get off at a random interstate exit for a large unsweet tea under the golden arches. Readers, friends and aliens, don’t do it in Jacksonville, Florida off of I-95. If you do, you may have a real (interpret bad) experience like I did. Honestly, McDonalds’ employee training […]

Sometimes I Wish That My Preconceptions Were Wrong

Faithful readers already know that I prefer Lowes to Home Depot. This has reversed completely over the past 7 years or so. What I mean is that I used to love Home Depot and now my attention is elsewhere. Yesterday, I needed to replace a worn-out tool. Do any of you become attached to your […]

Petty Tyrants and Service

Several weeks ago, I contacted a local consultant to establish a relationship where I would recommend his company during the normal course of my inspections business. We connected well, his company was a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and I was very comfortable when the time came to say, “I can coordinate the […]

I Won’t Be Caught By These Brigands Again

Here’s the internet ad: “Griffin Survivor Series Case for iPhone 4/4s/5 $14.95 USD was $49.99 USD Griffin Survivor Series Heavy-Duty Protective Case for Apple iPhone 4/4s Ridiculously over-engineered? Or the perfect case for your iPhone 4 no matter where you’re headed? We think it’s a little bit of both. Simply put, the Griffin Extreme Duty […]

A Primer On Bad Service

Being born and raised in Florida and able to trace at least 4 generations of ancestors (paternal and maternal) from Florida, it pains me to say that my state is brimming over with people who provide poor service. Some of my family would say, “it’s because them damn yankees have overrun us and there are […]